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For more than 40 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective performance improvement methodology, which has helped salespeople, rainmakers, business development professionals, customer service professionals, and their managers take charge of the sales and customer interaction process.

Do you want predictable, consistent results—every quarter, every month, every day?

You need a trainer who can also be a trusted advisor, partner and consultant.

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Warren Brown

Warren Brown is an Entrepreneurial focused executive with a demonstrated record of success in a variety of industry sectors. from Fortune 100 to pre-revenue companies. Proven ability to lead through complex circumstances and within competitive and evolving markets, effectively steering and inspiring high-performing collaborative sales teams.

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Here are some recent blog post excerpts that you might have missed. We actively create new blog posts weekly. Be certain to visit this page often for the latest information.   To view a complete blog entry, click the blog title.

Here are some recent blog post excerpts that you might have missed. We actively create new blog posts weekly. Be certain to visit this page often for the latest information. 

To view a complete blog entry, click the blog title.

Digital Prospecting: The Least You Need to Do

We’re sometimes asked what the bare minimum should be in terms of digital prospecting ability for an individual salesperson. Below, our list of five things we believe every salesperson, operating in any industry, should be able to do in terms of digital prospecting. If for some reason you can’t do this much right now, you should learn how, and sooner rather than later!

How to Recognize and Get Past the "Donkey Moments" During Interpersonal Conflict

You’ve experienced a “donkey moment” during an argument. The other person metaphorically digs in their heels, they physically lean back and probably cross their arms. These moments are wimp junctions. Wimp out and your conflict likely escalates to a lose-lose ending. Take the “un-wimpy” path and your conflict deescalates with greater possibilities of a win-win resolution.

Donkey moments can also be recognized when the other party delivers an ultimatum (e.g. give me a raise to $65,000/year or I walk!”) or uses an absolute like “never” or “always” (e.g. “you always exclude me from pitch meetings.”).

Inside Sales Tip: Use A Cookbook

Inside salespeople who find themselves behind quota may assign their performance problems to any number of factors beyond their control: the economy, the competition, the weather. But the reality is that the single most common reason for this problem lies in something they do control: their choice to use, or not to use, a cookbook.

Three Methods to Hiring and Onboarding an Effective Sales Team

To produce and grow at the rate which you need to be successful, you must have a dynamic sales team. The team must be formed through careful planning, hard work, and collaborative efforts. From a 10,000-foot view, this may seem easily accomplished, but let’s go more in-depth and tackle some of the inherent challenges with hiring and onboarding the right team.

Sales Managers: Are You a Primary Arsonist?

Some managers start looking for fires to start with their team, so that they can swoop in to the rescue. They have no time to set up a meaningful accountability program, they’ll say, because they have too many (self-started) fires to fight. Most of the leaders I work with are dubious at first that they could ever play the role of the Primary Arsonist. Yet it’s easier to fall into this pattern without realizing it than you might imagine..

The Key to a Successful Training and Development Strategy

Let’s be honest. Training and development initiatives meant to help sales teams succeed often go wrong.

Even with the best of intentions and the most impressive goals, even with a nice looking binder and a cool typeface, these initiatives can and do end up making a true learning culture more elusive than ever, and, all too often, undermining the organization’s most important strategic objectives..

Analyzing Your Key Competitors

“In the dark of the night, every cat’s a leopard.” This old Indian saying provides great insight into enterprise selling, because it reminds us how important it is to identify the information that matters most about our key competitors… We must know them, prioritize them, and account for them. That means conducting a truly effective, and customized, competitive analysis. Unfortunately, most research sales teams do in this area falls far short of the mark.

How to Run Demos That Win the Sale!

Todd finally learned that he had lost the large deal. He was confused and thought his demo had gone well. A month had passed since he was told by the prospect that he had “done a good job presenting his software!” What could have gone wrong?

Some of the most talented sales professionals don’t know the difference between a demonstration that closes vs. one that loses the sale. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why product and service demonstrations fail, and what you can do about it.