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Webinar ~ Hope I Die Before I Get Old (Cause This Government Stuff Gonna’ Knock Me Cold!) - Mastering Medicare & Social Security

OBJECTIVE: To teach insurance professionals about the many intricacies of Medicare and Social Security

DESCRIPTION: Far too many retirees, upon reaching the time of life when they are looking forward to (or at least relieved to have available) these governmental “security blankets”, find themselves assaulted by complicated eligibility rules, complex coverages, and a myriad of often confusing options. Add in seemingly conflicting advice from “experts”, retiree associations and flat-out scam artists, and instead of comfort and security older folks often find fear and confusion.


This course, created and led by one who has personally run the Social Security/Medicare sign-up gauntlet, will reveal lessons learned and bring clarity to the chaos. Whether you are seeking help to properly plan for a client, spouse, parent, relative or your own journey through this retirement “rite of passage”, harvest the value of experience and join us.


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