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Webinar ~ Funding Long-Term Care: Be Rich, Be Poor, Be Insured Webinar

OBJECTIVE: To teach insurance professionals about Long-Term Care options including insurance and the evolution of methods to finance its ever-expanding cost.

DESCRIPTION:  Long-Term Care is both emotionally and financially draining. This course deals with the latter. Specially, how the cost of such care can only be borne in one of three options: personal funds, some governmental entity, or specific insurance. This program will review the qualification rules and care provided by Medicare and Medicaid. It will review the coverage and provisions of Long-Term Care insurance policies that have been historically available. Students will learn about recent funding innovations that have emerged in the last few years regarding Living Benefits Riders (or policy provisions) that allow certain insurance contracts to provided advances against the death benefit to fund for the Long-Term Care dilemma.                             


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